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The Analytics API provides tools to help sellers analyze their selling performance and identify ways to maintain or improve their seller ratings.

The API is divided into the following tools:

  • Customer service metric – Returns benchmark data, seller data, and seller ratings for Item Not As Described and Item Not Received customer service metrics.
  • Traffic Report – Returns details on the buyer traffic received by a seller's item listings.
  • Seller Standards Profile – Returns the Seller Rating for a seller and the metric data on which the rating is based.

Making use of the Analytics API tools

By strategically using Analytics API tool set, sellers can analyze and determine courses of actions for:

  • Business trends year over year
  • Buyer engagement with seller listings
  • Performance in the Seller Standards program
  • Performance of their customer service efforts

Customer service metric ratings

Sellers can get their customer service ratings for two customer service metrics:


See Interpreting customer service metric ratings for details on how to retrieve benchmark data and interpret the seller rating results.

Buyer traffic on seller listings

Sellers can run traffic reports at both the beginning and the end of their selling cycles to get a view on listing performance over time.

As described in Traffic report details, traffic reports offer insights that sellers can use to evaluate existing and upcoming sales events.

By running the reports on a periodic basis, seller can see the impacts of any adjustments they've made. For example, you might determine that you can change your listing titles to increase your listing-page views, and you can use the Traffic Report to monitor the result.

Seller profile ratings

Call findSellerStandardsProfile to review a seller's eBay seller rating and the metrics eBay used to establish the rating. Sellers can use this information to help maintain and improve their eBay seller rating and sales effectiveness.

For example, you might find that the Transaction Defect Rate is higher than you expect. To address this, you might decide to better describe your items to lessen your Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) returns.

Seller-related calls in the Trading API

In addition to the Analytics API, sellers can also use several methods in the Trading API to assess seller status:

  • GetSellerDashboard provides the overall seller-level rating, but not the sub-metrics returned Seller Standards Profile Report, which shows how those metrics contribute to your overall seller level.
  • GetItem provides page-view information, but the values may include visits from bots and the data is limited for only the last 90 days.
  • GetSellerTransactions provides the number of transactions for a seller, but data is limited to only the items sold in the last 90 days.