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eBay Connect 2023

We are thrilled that eBay Connect 2023 took place on July 25. As always, the top priority of this annual conference was to provide you with key updates to the program and equip you with the necessary tools for the exciting changes that lie ahead.

During the virtual event, we covered a range of essential topics including eBay International Shipping, Condition Grading, Advertising, Digital Services Act, etc. These presentations were designed to keep you in the loop and empower you to adapt seamlessly to upcoming changes.

All content shared during the webinar is made available below for your reference. Our commitment to your success remains unwavering as we strive to keep you connected and prepared for the important updates on the horizon.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates as we continue this incredible journey together. Thank you for being an integral part of the eBay community. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to the amazing things we'll accomplish together.

Connect Presentations

Nandha Palanisamy

Head of Developer Ecosystem, eBay

Barry Lewis

Sr. Product Manager, Selling Experience, eBay

Minh Tran-Lee

Lead Product Manager - Technical, eBay

Deepak Sharma

VP, Payments and Risk Technology, eBay

Raphael Tsow

Director, Architect 2, eBay

Jay Chen

Head of Global Partner Development Ads Partnership (NA), eBay

Emily Wu

Sr. Product Manager 1 - Technical, eBay

A Message from the VP of Seller Experience

Bryan Woodruff

VP, Seller Experience Engineering, eBay

Meghna Rao Gangavati

Sr. Product Manager 1 - Technical, eBay

Shruti Hulmani

Sr. Product Manager, Developer Ecosystem, eBay

Liv Ellingsen

Lead Product Manager - Technical, eBay

Fireside Chat with Mazen

Mazen Rawashdeh

SVP, Chief Technology Officer, eBay

Nandha Palanisamy

Head of Developer Ecosystem, eBay

Closing Notes

Nandha Palanisamy

Head of Developer Ecosystem, eBay

2023 Star Developer Awards

eBay’s Star Developer awards celebrate the adoption of our APIs, innovation and growth. The two categories this year were:

  • Early Adopter Award
  • Rapid Growth Award

For these awards, we considered all 3rd-party developers who participate in the developers program, contribute to eBay business initiatives, use our APIs in a productive way, and bring value to eBay and our buyers and sellers.

Early Adopter Award

This year's Early Adopter Award was presented to ChannelAdvisor, a CommerceHub company. ChannelAdvisor is one of the world’s largest, most trusted commerce networks, connecting over thousand retailers and brands globally.

ChannelAdvisor has been continuously seeking ways to improve sellers’ operational efficiency and business performance by implementing eBay’s latest developments. ChannelAdvisor was fundamental in the development and early adoption of PLA via the APIs. They worked closely with us to launch the Fitment Guaranteed Program and adapted our returns handling process to streamline this as much as possible for a positive buyer experience. They have also played a crucial role in actively adopting eBay Fulfillment for their users across the supported locales. This showcases their ongoing commitment to strengthening their product to support the growth and success of their sellers on eBay.

Rapid Growth Award

The Rapid Growth Award was presented to Stendia, a company active in the Product Search & Discovery business. Stendia is a PLA partner (Google CSS, Bing).

Stendia is a Belgian based company active in the Product Search & Discovery business and a PLA partner. With its blazing fast performance, Stendia enables you to search products across major marketplaces. Stendia with its strategy and integration with APIs like Browse and Notification has shown an impressive growth YoY. We thank them for their commitment and passion in partnering with eBay.

From partner’s own words:

"Our mission is to simplify online shopping."

With its blazing fast performance, Stendia enables you to search products across major marketplaces. Our goal is to become the leading marketplace product search engine by:

  • Providing the most relevant search results
  • Building the most comprehensive product search index from marketplaces
  • Delivering our results 50x faster than existing general and specialized search engines