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Published: May 21 2007, 12:15:00 AMUpdated: September 01 2022, 2:54:29 AM

Can the second application call ReviseItemCall to revise a live item that the first application added with AddItemCall?

Detailed Description

   A seller can list an item with one application and revise the same item with the other application. This feature gives  seller flexibility in choosing host eBay API application and also allows developer decoupling application activities  to be more component based that is easily to be adopted.

  Here is an example of the usage:  SellerA uses listing application say to do Motors listing, however; SellerA prefers to user other eBay API application say to host their item pictures.

   1. SellerA  signs up into both application and generates one eBay Token through Auth & Auth process and generates another eBay Token via

   2. SellerA makes AddItem call with the Token that associated with applicaiton and save the itemID say 123456789012.

   3. SellerA then fires ReviseItem API request using the Taken that associated with for the item 123456789012 to add  PictureDetails into the item 123456789012.

  Keep in mind, however; an application needs to take extra precautions when doing so, especially if  the ThirdPartyCheckout feature is set up for one application but not for another. It's highly recommended that you do not revise the ThirdPartyCheckout enabled item with the application that other than the listing application. Or you might encounter unexpected results.

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