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Published: November 13 2007, 3:13:00 PMUpdated: August 05 2022, 11:39:08 AM

Question: User is getting directed to their MyeBay page, rather than my redirect URL after signing on the eBay sign in page during the Auth & Auth flow.  Why is this happening?


Answer: If the user has messages in their My Messages, pertaining to suspension, non payment of fees, or any listing violation; the auth & auth flow will not take the user to the application's redirect url, but to the user's MyeBay section.  The user needs to take appropriate action for those messages and delete them.  If the continues to be redirected to MyeBay even after deleting the messages, then they would need to contact eBay Customer Support, who can look at their account and help them find out if there is any other outstanding issue with the account.



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