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Published: April 17 2008, 5:33:00 PMUpdated: August 05 2022, 11:38:17 AM

My calls were working fine yesterday, but today I'm getting HTTP 500 errors.  What happened?

HTTP 500 errors can be returned in a number of cases.

For example, if the errors are intermitent, the cause of the problem could be on eBay's side. Please see this Knowledge Base article for specifics in this case.

However, if all your calls are failing with this error, the cause of the problem is more likely on the side of the caller.

Please confirm your token and keyset are still valid by using the API Test Tool.

Also please call getRateLimits API and ensure it's not excessive or problematic.

Sometimes, these errors crop up due to a networking issue or new SSL software.  If you're running on a shared host or if you have a separate IT department, it's quite possible a change was made without your knowledge.

So you may want to test if you can get a response for GeteBayOfficialTime API from various environments to isolate the issue :
- Against eBay sandbox and production
- From your development or QA environment
- Your home machine (to get a different network environment)


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