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Published: September 11 2008, 4:40:00 PMUpdated: August 09 2022, 1:32:48 AM

How can I get all the categories for my store?


GetStore returns the store categories hierarchically.  Since the categories can be nested very differently from level to level, you essentially need to use recursive logic to retrieve all of them.

Detailed Description  

Here is a sample C# code using the .NET SDK to retrieve all the store categories. 

using eBay.Service.Core.Sdk;
using eBay.Service.Core.Soap;
using eBay.Service.Call;
using eBay.Service.Util;

namespace NETSDKSample
public class SDKSample
private void GetStore()
            //set your credentials for the call 
ApiContext context = new ApiContext();
            context.ApiCredential.ApiAccount.Developer = "devID";
context.ApiCredential.ApiAccount.Application = "appID";
  context.ApiCredential.ApiAccount.Certificate = "certID";
context.ApiCredential.eBayToken = "token";
// Set the URL
context.SoapApiServerUrl = "";
// Set logging
context.ApiLogManager = new ApiLogManager();
context.ApiLogManager.ApiLoggerList.Add(new eBay.Service.Util.FileLogger("Messages.log", true, true, true));
context.ApiLogManager.EnableLogging = true;
// Set the version
context.Version = "571";
//create call
GetStoreCall call = new GetStoreCall(context);
//get just the store categories
call.CategoryStructureOnly = true;

            //iterate through the top level categories
foreach (StoreCustomCategoryType cat in call.Store.CustomCategories)


        private void GetChildCategories(StoreCustomCategoryType cat)
//get the category name, ID and whether it is a leaf
long id = cat.CategoryID;
string name = cat.Name;
bool leaf = (cat.ChildCategory.Count == 0);
Console.WriteLine("id = " + id + " name = " + name + " leaf= " + leaf);

            //condition to end the recursion
if (leaf)

            //continue the recursion for each of the child categories
foreach (StoreCustomCategoryType childcat in cat.ChildCategory)



Additional Information

Documentation:  GetStore


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