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Published: February 11 2009, 12:06:00 PMUpdated: September 12 2022, 12:42:52 AM

I am building a new application, can I get a new set of keys?

You can generate your first set of keys, for both environments at any time by visiting DevZone and going to the My Account page. For additional keys please continue.

I have a production keyset, but I need an additional key set for production.


I have a sandbox keyset, but I need an additional key set for sandbox.

We do not encourage creating multiple key sets, since it often causes confusion. It can be difficult for the developer to keep track of multiple key sets and also for us when we are triaging issues for you. Also additional keys cause a big overhead for our system. It affects execution times and is also cumbersome during migration.

Are you requesting a new keyset for any of the following reasons?

1. I am building a new application, therefore I require a new keyset.
For variations of the current application (desktop vs. Web or different levels), you don't require a new keyset to develop the new application. You can use your existing keyset. However, if you are making a radically different application that has little to no similarity to the existing application please submit a support request describing your new application, how it is different from the existing application and your need for a new keyset.

2. I think we need separate keys for a new application that I am building so that the Accept and Reject URLs can be configured specifically per application. Alternatively, can I simply have multiple RuNames for a single key set?
Yes, you can have multiple RuNames associated with a single key set. So, all you need to do is generate a new RuName and configure the Accept and Reject URLs to point to the desired locations.

3. We have a new customer that would like to use our software, they need a separate url for the notifications, so I think this would require an additional key set. Is that right?
No you do not need an additional keyset. You can specify up to 10 notification URLs for an application.

4. I can only make 5000 calls with my current keyset. I need to make more calls and therefore I need a new keyset.
Every keyset starts with a default limit of 5000 calls/day. If you are hitting the limits and need a higher call limit, please file a compatible application check request.

5. I need to make API calls on behalf of multiple customers/users.

To make API calls for other users, all you will need is an eBayAuthToken associated with the specific user you are making calls for. Here are steps to retrieve a token from a user, Auth&Auth flow.

If you need an additional keyset for reasons that are not covered here, submit a support request explaining your situation.

Please note that we need a strong technical case to justify and authorize an additional keyset for you. Therefore not every request for an additional keyset will be approved.



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