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Published: November 06 2009, 12:25:00 AMUpdated: August 11 2022, 2:08:24 PM


Multi-variation listings contain items that are logically the same product, but that vary in their manufacturing details or packaging. For example, a particular brand and style of shirt could be available in different sizes and colors, such as "large blue" and "medium black". Thus multi-variation listings give you a structured way to differentiate multiple similar (but not identical) items in a single fixed-price listing.To create and modify listings with variations, you use the AddFixedPriceItem family of calls.

An ideal multi-variation listing request will typically consist of the following -

- Generic part - Contains Title, Description, Shipping-Payment-Return Policy Details

- VariationSpecificsSet - The set of all variation names and values that can be applicable to the listing. This must include (but is not limited to) all names and values specified in the VariationSpecifics nodes. This set configures variation selection widgets that appear on eBay's View Item page. For example, if you specify Color and Size names in the set, eBay's View Item page displays Color and Size drop-down lists to enable a buyer to choose a variation of interest. The order in which you specify the names and values also controls the order in which the selection widgets appear on the View Item page.

- Variations - Item.Variations.Variation node to describe each variation. Each variation can have its own quantity, price, and an optional SKU. The order in which you specify the Variation nodes in AddFixedPriceItem is the order in which they appear in View Item, and the order in which they're returned in GetItem.

- Item Specifics - Item Specifics are name/value pairs (or a name with a list of values, in some cases) that give you a structured way to describe common details about items.

    * Use Item.ItemSpecifics to define shared Item Specifics, such as Brand.
    * Use Item.Variations.VariationSpecifics for details that differentiate each variation.

The image below illustrates the different parts mentioned above by taking the example of multi-variation listing for Shoes. All the variations are shoes of US Size 7, athletic style and New in Box. The variation is on Color - Black and Brown.







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