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Published: July 24 2018, 4:09:00 PMUpdated: August 15 2022, 11:42:01 PM

I sell on eBay and would like to understand the different image hosting options available for my listing images.

Images can be hosted by eBay Picture Services (EPS) or they can be self-hosted. Some options are only available (zoom) if images are hosted through eBay Picture Services (EPS).

If using EPS images, the images need to be uploaded to eBay prior to making the listing call. You can do this via the UploadSiteHostedPictures call. Once the images are successfully uploaded to the EPS server, the EPS URL for the image needs to be sent in with the listing call.

Some of the other advantages of using EPS images are -

  1. More pictures per listing (12) as compared to self hosted images (1).
  2. Zoom feature is available only when the image is an EPS image.
  3. Premium/Anchor Store owners get all 12 EPS images for free.
  4. Seller doesn't have to worry about the bandwidth of their picture hosting server.

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