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Published: July 21 2011, 10:51:00 AMUpdated: August 22 2022, 4:58:45 AM

After the checkout is complete, Buyer's shipping service is returned as Not selected in GetOrders( returned as null in GetItemTransactions for the same order), Why does this happen when a valid shipping service cost has been paid by the customer?

note :Both GetOrders(Gives Not selected) and GetSellingManagerSaleRecord(gives null) have this problem.

This happens when  the buyer's shipping service could not be set. In this case the check out cannot be completed unless the buyer manually enters a value for the shipping cost. This value can be  equal to one of the valid shipping costs given by the seller, but , as this value is entered manually, its not tied to any valid shipping service.

Consider the example below.

An item has USPS International Shipping Option , costing $58.08
Consider that the buyer is from a country that the Seller has not specified in his ShipToLocation List. If the Buyer goes to checkout this item, 
Initially the checkout could not be completed with the error message,
Shipping and handling - Some item(s) listed do not have shipping fees specified by the seller(s).

But you should see a text field similar to the one below,

Seller has not provided shipping information. Check the item description or request total from the seller.

US $Shipping fee

Estimated delivery: Varies*
Seller ships within 1 business day(s)

Now if the buyer enters $58.08(Which is valid for one of the shipping services entered by the seller) or any junk amount say $2.00(Which doesnt correspond to any shipping Servive entered by the Seller) in the Shipping fee field, There will be no Shipping service mapped to this cost. Please note that A shipping cost thats selected will be mapped to a shipping cost but not vice versa.

The check out can be completed now, and when the Seller does a GetOrders or GetItem transactions call,he should see ShippingService Not Selected or null respectively.

How can Sellers Avoid this Situation?

This Situation can be avoided by following the below steps,

Please use a Shipping cost for ShipTolocation- WorldWide, see teh container below,

      <ShippingServiceCost currencyID="USD">
If you use a World wide ShipToLocation option, Then it would apply this shipping cost to the orders
whose buyer's Location cannot be set.   


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