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Published: January 27 2012, 5:09:00 PMUpdated: August 24 2022, 9:19:43 PM

Why does the numeric SiteID given by the documentation differ from the definition in the .NET SDK?


What are the differences in SiteID's within the documenation, the API Test Tool, and the .NET SDK

Detailed Description

When looking through the different areas of the documentation and tools, you may notice there is a numeric values associated for each site.  For example the US site is 0, UK is 3, and so on.  The best place to find the numeric values is from the following link, SiteID.  You can also see the numeric value of the SiteID within our API Test Tool or  API Explorer, under the "Select Site ID" drop dow.  Now where it may get a little confusing is when using a SDK, specifically the .NET SDK.  When specifying the SiteID within .NET, you will do something like this,

ApiContext oContext = new ApiContext();

oContext.Site = eBay.Service.Core.Soap.SiteCodeType.US;  

When looking at the definition for SiteCodeType, you will notice the enum associated with the countries greatly differs from the actual numeric SiteID's, PLEASE IGNORE THE ENUM.  These are strictly enum values for the SiteCodeType and are not in any way related to the actual numeric values.  Please use the SiteID link or API Test Tool for correct values.


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API Test Tool:


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