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Published: February 06 2012, 5:23:00 PMUpdated: August 23 2022, 4:47:03 AM

The following message is displayed on the MIP Admin Page.

"Your MIP storage credential will expire on Mar 04 2012 (05.36).
Please refresh your credential as soon as possible."

What needs to be done in order to refresh the credential?
Once the refresh is done, what are the changes required?

The MIP primary credential and the secondary credential are the same to begin with , for a new MIP account. 3 Months after creating you MIP account, you will be notified by a pop up message in your MIP admin console to refresh your MIP credential. If you refresh the credential, your MIP primary credential will become your secondary credential and a new primary credential is generated.

Please note that The Secondary credential(Old Primary credential) will still be valid until the end of 6 months. So The merchant needs to migrate all his scripts(SFTP/WebDav) and other configuration setings to use the newly generated primary credential.After the end of 6 months , the old primary credential will expire.


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