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Published: May 21 2012, 4:09:00 PMUpdated: September 07 2022, 8:19:30 AM

Few things to know about the newly introduced FiscalCode tag


1. What is Codice Fiscale and why it is used ?

Ans : The Codice Fiscale number is unique for each Italian citizen and is used for tax purposes.

2. Is this tag available across all sites ?

Ans : No, this tag is only available for Italy.

3. Which api supports this tag?

Ans: Currently, only GetSellerTransactions api supports this tag.

4. We do not use GetSellerTransactions api instead we use GetOrders api. Is there a way we can still use FiscalCode?

Ans. No, at this point, this tag is being supported only via GetSellerTransactions api. If you need to have this tag in GetOrders api, please leave a feeback for this KB article and specify your request in it.

5. When was this tag introduced?

Ans. This is a new tag and will be introduced by the end of May,2012.

6. What changes should I made in my GetSellerTransactions request ?

Ans : You need to add the following in your request :


7. How will I get the FiscalCode in the response ?

Ans . This is what you should be looking for in the response to get the fiscal code :


For a sample XML request, please see -

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