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Published: September 24 2012, 3:20:00 PMUpdated: August 24 2022, 2:53:14 AM

How come my images are showing up very small?


How to ensure your images always show the largest gallery picture

Detailed Description

It is good practice to ensure ALL pictures used in your add item API request to be updated using the FullURL retrieved from your UploadSiteHostedPictues response.  If any other URL's are used from the response, you may see the system behave in an unpredictable manner.  Meaning the end result of the images on may not show the way you want.  They may be streched or skewed or even very small.   This goes for both your  Item.PictureDetails.PictureURL and your Item.Variations.Pictures.VariationSpecificPictureSet.PictureURL.  After making an UploadSiteHostedPictures request, the response will show something like this for the FullURL,


When making your UploadSiteHostedPictures request, please be sure to follow the guidelines set in the "image details" portion.

*Note - Be sure to use the complete URL and not cut off the set_id portion. 

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