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Published: January 10 2013, 2:13:00 PMUpdated: September 08 2022, 5:07:30 AM

Some general practices for adding pictures for eBay Motors.


Some general practices for adding pictures for eBay Motors parts.

Detailed Description:

When adding pictures for parts, there may be times when you have more than just 1 part or maybe the part is not new.  If you do in fact have 1 part, and that part is new, you can use a stock photo without any issues.  And of course you can always take a picture of the part an duse that.  If the part is not new we don't allow for the use of a stock photo.  In this case it would be best to take a picture of that part and add that picture.  Another scenario is you may be a parts center where you have many parts coming from 1 vehicle.  In this case it is best to include an image of the ‘donor’ vehicle.  This is the minimum recommendation that we make to our sellers associated with this industry.  An actual part type image is obviously preferred; however, we understand that it can be difficult to take images of a part that has not been dismantled from the vehicle (an industry standard).

NOTE - motors used to allow for no picture in the listings.  This will no longer be allowed in the near future.  Please see,, for picture standards.


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