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Published: December 16 2004, 4:32:00 PMUpdated: July 25 2022, 1:04:31 AM

Test sellers for the Sandbox Environment


Use the Sandbox Registration Tool to create your test sandbox users. Keep in mind that sandbox users are completely separate from eBay production users.  Although our recommendation is to create your own sandbox test users, this article provides some alternative options as well.

Sandbox Registration Tool 

You can create new sandbox users using the Sandbox Registration Tool.  When creating users with this tool, the userid must be unique, and the email address should be valid, in order to receive all email messages for your test user.

Pre-Existing Test Users for the Sandbox

The following list of Sandbox sellers can be utilized for testing purposes. Please note that these users are essentially public and are provided as a convenience for developers. We kindly request that developers create their own seller/buyer accounts, if possible, in the Sandbox. We also request that developers do not modify the registration information or account details (password) for these accounts so that they may be used by the entire community. These accounts have been created by eBay Developer Support.  The following accounts are provided 'as-is' and Developer Support can not vouch for their current state or activity.

UserId / UserPassword
esandbox10539 / nomistakes
esandbox10541 / nomistakes
esandbox10543 / nomistakes
esandbox10549 / nomistakes
esandbox10551 / nomistakes
esandbox10553 / nomistakes
esandbox10555 / nomistakes
esandbox10557 / nomistakes
esandbox10559 / nomistakes
esandbox10561 / nomistakes


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