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Published: September 15 2014, 10:56:00 AMUpdated: February 27 2024, 1:40:16 PM

Why do I get "Invalid Request" for the Buyer Email in the GetItemTransactions, GetOrders, GetSellerTransactions & GetItem response?


GetItemTransactions, GetOrders, GetSellerTransactions & GetItem returns the Buyer Email Intermediation address (ie only if all of the following are true:

  • The caller is in a transactional relationship for the item
  • The call is being executed within a certain amount of time after the transaction is created.  Based on Trust and Safety policies, the time is unspecified and can vary by site.


As a best practice, we recommend that you make the transaction calls within a day so that you have all the updated information.  For instance, make a call to GetSellerTransactions every day with the ModTimeFilter set to the last time you made the call to the current time.  If you get information about transactions individually via GetItemTransactions, then make the call as soon as you get the notification about the sale.

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