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Published: December 30 2005, 8:48:00 AMUpdated: July 21 2022, 4:05:10 PM


How can I use AJAX to communicate with eBay Web Services?


This simple html page uses AJAX and the XMLHttpRequest object in Javascript to make an HTTP Post to the eBay API Gateway. This is only a sample illustration, and should not be used for production code.

This sample, "AJAXXMLPosterSampleCode", is an HTML page that can be used as an API Test Tool to make XML calls to the eBay API Gateway. It has only been tested for Internet Explorer 6.0.

To Use:
1. Download .txt file and save as an html file.
2. Open the file in Internet Explorer.
3. Enter your credentials and then token and submit.
4. Results should be displayed in the right side text area.


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