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Published: January 10 2019, 3:49:00 PMUpdated: December 28 2022, 4:12:37 PM

NOTE – If you have already reviewed the steps here, please continue reading this article.


As mentioned in the “Problem in verifying my email address during registration” section, you cannot access your developer account until you verify it.  Unfortunately we will not verify the username and email manually.  You HAVE to use the automated process of the registration flow. 


If you attempted the registration flow a second time and you received the following error:




please continue reading the possible reasons as to why.


If you were unsuccessful in the attempt(s) to register and verify your email address here are some reasons as to why:  

1.     There are known issues with certain domains

a.     If you have registered using an email domain not supported by our system, you will not be able to receive communications from eBay.  We have known issues with certain types of domain and we strongly encourage you to register a new developer account with a different domain.  Unfortunately we don't have a list we can publicly show at the moment.

2.     There are rare cases when the registration flow fails.  If this happens go back to the developer portal and fill out the form to reach out to us for assistance.  We won’t be able to manually verify but we can at least triage the issue and let you know why the problem is occurring.


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