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Published: September 22 2022, 5:30:00 PMUpdated: September 18 2023, 11:09:14 AM

Certificate Authority change from DigiCert to Sectigo


After the eBay public API endpoints migrated Certificate Authority from Digicert to Sectigo, all the connections that can’t trust Sectigo Issued certificates will be disconnected. Before the migration, point your test environment to our one or more sandbox environment:


Trading API:

Shopping API: 

Finding API: 


If you can successfully make an API call, your application(s) support Sectigo issued the Certificates.


If your request fails and your application supports making direct API calls from a browser (e.g., using REST), users may also be affected if they are using older browsers or legacy versions of software,


Please upgrade user browser and OS newer than below version or latest version or add


  • macOS Sierra 10.12.1 Public Beta 2
  • iOS 10


  • Windows XP 
  • Windows Phone 7


  • Firefox 36 


  • Android 5.1 


  • [Browser release in December 2012]

360 Browser:

  • SE 10.1.1550.0 and Extreme browser 11.0.2031.0


If your request fails from API applications, check your logs to see why.  if you see an error similar to one of the following shown below:

The PKIX path validation failed exception

   PKIX path validation failed:

       signature check failed


Please follow up with your application stack vendor documentation to update your application or system to include Sectigo Intermediate Certificate and Trusted Root Certificate in PEM form. This will help build the trust chain between Root and End Entity Certificate, hence we call them "chain certificates''


[Download] SHA-2 Root : USERTrust RSA Certification Authority



Some vendor resource on how to install CA Certificate

Microsoft Windows




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