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Published: September 11 2023, 11:30:00 AMUpdated: September 18 2023, 8:04:47 AM

Question: When should I file or do Application Growth check 

Answer: There are few cases when you can submit an Application Growth Check request

1. To increase the API call limits for your application when your application is close to hit the daily API limit. To check your daily API usage you can use getRateLimits call of Developer’s Analytics API.

2. To access restricted APIs in production.

3. If you need additional Production or Sandbox KEYSET.

To know more about application growth check request, please visit: Request an application growth check
To submit a request please visit: Apply for an Application Growth Check now

Note:  All existing and new third-party developers integrated with eBay APIs via the eBay Developers Program are required to:

1. Subscribe to eBay marketplace account deletion/closure notifications.

2. Follow the process to opt out of subscribing to these notifications if do not store any eBay data for various reasons. Ref: eBay Marketplace Account Deletion/Closure Notifications Workflow.



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