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Published: --Updated: October 25 2023, 9:33:09 AM


How to Set Free shipping policy


Many sellers offer free shipping, even if it's only for certain products. This guide explains how to set up this basic shipping option.
To create a domestic free-shipping option:

  1. Use "createFulfillmentPolicy" to create a fulfillment policy that includes your free-shipping choice. Think of this as a set of rules for how you handle shipping within your own country.
  2. Inside the fulfillment policy, in the "shippingOptions" section, create a "ShippingOption" element with these settings:
  • Set "optionType" to "DOMESTIC" to specify that this is for orders within your country.
  • Choose "costType" as either "FLAT_RATE" or "CALCULATED," based on how you calculate the shipping cost for your orders.
Please note that the "freeShipping" field can only be set to true for the first domestic shipping service option within the "shippingServices" container. For international shipping, set "freeShipping" to false.

To create a worldwide shipping option:
If you want this policy to also provide for international shipping, add a second ShippingOption element and set its optionType to INTERNATIONAL (setting up international shipping is described in How to set up worldwide shipping ).
This scenario assumes you already have a domestic free shipping option in place.
  1. Again, use "createFulfillmentPolicy" to create a fulfillment policy that will include both domestic and international shipping.
  2. In the "shippingOptions" section, add a "ShippingOption" element to the existing DOMESTIC shipping option and configure the following fields:
  • Set "optionType" to "INTERNATIONAL" to specify that this is for international orders.
  • Choose "costType" as either "FLAT_RATE" or "CALCULATED," depending on how you calculate the shipping cost for international orders.

By following these steps, you can offer free shipping for products within your own country and set up an international shipping option that allows you to ship worldwide. This way, you can cater to a broader audience of customers.
If you have already set the item to ship worldwide, you should remove other shipping locations such as the US or UK from the "regionIncluded" field for the shipping service. Instead, configure it as follows:


       "regionName": "Worldwide",
       "regionType": "WORLDWIDE"

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