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Published: August 02 2006, 4:00:00 PMUpdated: July 25 2022, 10:40:08 AM

Product Limitation - EndItem does not allow ending listings with bids < 12 hrs before EndTime

The site allows you to end your listing under the following conditions.

If you cannot complete your listing as planned, you can end your listing before the scheduled date. If there are bids on your item, you can cancel them.

Reasons for ending listings early include:

- The item is no longer available for sale.
- There was an error in the starting price or reserve amount.
- There was an error in the listing.
- The item was lost or broken.

When there are 12 hours or less remaining and the item has a winning bid, including a reserve met bid, sellers cannot make any changes to the listing, including:

- Ending the item early. Sellers may cancel bids, but not end the item unless the item is being sold to the high bidder.
- Adding to or changing the item description.
- Converting the item to pre-approved bidders.

Items can be ended via the EndItem API Call. The EndItem API Call however does not support the Ending Reason 'End and Sell To Highest Bidder' , therefore , the API does not support ending items with bids, within 12 hours of the EndTime. You must use the site for this action.


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