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Published: November 02 2018, 4:18:00 PMUpdated: January 05 2024, 10:53:05 AM

What features are not supported by the Sandbox?


The Sandbox allows you to test applications developed with the eBay API in a simulated environment. However, it is not meant for continuous rigorous testing of your application. The Sandbox is a 'mini' eBay environment that simulates current features available on the eBay Production Site. The Sandbox is accessible via the WebSite interface at

For access to the API's see this KB article:
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Sandbox Unsupported Features List

This is a list of unsupported features in sandbox.

· Seller dashboard does not work in Sandbox.

· Shipping Label Flows do not work in Sandbox.

· Selling Manager Pro->Automation Preferences even if saved, dont take effect.

· End user Help pages that are usually linked to from the top of all web pages. Many of them may show up fine, but some may hit 'Page cannot be found'.

· INR (ItemNotReceived) Disputes may not get automatic state updates that are needed to complete end to end testing of the INR process. The steps outlined in the INR process described here and in API documentation that require any waiting periods such as 10 days may not be possible in the Sandbox. UPI (UnpaidItem) Disputes should get the automatic state updates that are needed to complete end to end testing of the UPI process.

· Sandbox is missing support for the new autofile consumer for UPI disputes.

· Unable to submit INR dispute in Sandbox. The process ends up in a help page after Step 1: Choose an item.

· Many eBay ProductIDs that are mapped to ISBN and UPC values in Production are not available in the Sandbox. The effect is that for testing the selling process with Pre-Filled Item Specifics may be unsupported for certain products.

· The hit counter on ViewItem pages may not work, especially in the case of international sandbox sites such as the sandbox UK site

· Only English Auth & Auth text is provided in Sandbox Auth & Auth flow

· The Gallery Image Thumbnail link returned in Sandbox or API calls like GetMyeBayBuying does not work

· Subscription to Premium and Anchor Stores is not supported, only the Basic Store is avaliable

· The FeeSettlementReport is not available

· CharityIDs returned in Sandbox are different from Production

· Payment method of MoneyXferAcceptedInCheckOut is not supported on internationational sites for Sandbox. To use this method, the seller needs to have the bank account information which is not supported in the Sandbox.

· GetSuggestedCategories API always returns CategoryCount 0 for all <Query> value.

· Customizing emails do not work. - Under My eBay -> Selling Manager Pro -> Automation Preferences -> 'Emails from you'. There is an option to enter your own custom message. This feature is not working, and the email sent contains only the default message

· Changing the registered email id in My eBay is not functional. The user is redirected to a broken URL.

· Stores - About the Seller

· Trust and safety checks for fraudulent or inappropriate listings

· All Skype related features. For example, going into MyeBay account preferences and selecting Skype Preferences, and clicking on the 'Link a Skype Name' button will not work

· Gallery Images

· VeRO is not available in Sandbox

· eBay Customer Service

· Setting up the VAT-exempt business registration does not work. Please click here more information.

· Fees in Sandbox are not guaranteed to match those in production.

· View Account, View Invoice & GetAccount
The billing system is not implemented in Sandbox.

· PaisaPay is not supported in Sandbox.

· Sandbox has no support for Credit Card transactions. Since some functions require Credit Cards to be on file, if Credit Card information is missing for a user, use ValidateTestUserRegistration to add this information to the user.

· Subscription for Local Market for Vehicles(eBay Motors) is not suported. You might get some warnings if you try to list an item with Best Offer under Classified Ad format. For more information on this topic, you can see this KB article :

· Mobile apps and Mobile Web is not supported on Sandbox

 · If you try to execute GetWantItNowSearchResults API call in sandbox environment you will receive errorCode 12229

 · No email is triggered/sent for Sandbox Orders. No email is triggered/sent to the concerned buyer when seller cancelling a transaction in Sandbox via Sandbox Resolution center or AddDispute API call

 · Cart is not supported.  You may see some functionality working, like adding items to your cart, but please do not depend on or expect cart to function properly.

 · At this point, <ConditionDescription> tag is not completely supported in Sandbox. If you use this tag while listing the item, it will be returned in GetItem api response but will not show up on the ViewItem page(UI) in Sandbox.

 · UnitInfo is not supported in sandbox. For more information, please refer to :

- Out of Stock Control,

- Follow this link to reset the sandbox user password:

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