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Published: December 08 2006, 5:28:00 PMUpdated: July 29 2022, 1:34:24 PM

I'm receiving the message "You are not allowed to see items listed in adult only categories as below: . What sould I do?

<ShortMessage>User Is Not Allowed To See Adult Only Items.</ShortMessage>
You are not allowed to see items listed in adult only categories.


To view items listed in Mature Audiences Category,  an user is required to agree to a "Terms of Use Mature Audiences Category" page which has a Continue button. When the button is clicked, the user then is allowed to view Adult Only items.

In order for retrieving an adult item from an API call,  the API requester must have gone to the eBay site and passed through the process at lease once.  As a result,  the user (requester) can make API calls such as GetItem on the Adult listing. 

Please note that as an API user, you only need to go through the process once.

Additional Resources

Documentation: Items for Mature Audiences

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