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Published: January 09 2007, 1:47:00 PMUpdated: August 23 2022, 6:19:28 AM

How do I get the Natural Search version of the ViewItem URL that I see when I am searching in
Can I use the Natural Search version of the ViewItem URL in my Affiliate links?

Detailed Description 

API calls such as GetItem have always returned the standard eBay ViewItem URL in the format,
where xxx is the ItemID and yyy is the CategoryID.
This was made available in the ViewItemURL element.

Beginning with the 491 release, in addition to the existing ViewItemURL element,
we now return a ViewItemURLForNaturalSearch element, in a few calls.  This Natural Search URL takes you to the same View Item page as ViewItemURL, but this URL is optimized for natural search (for popular Internet search engines), and is used in many places on the eBay site.

Shopping API - ViewItemURLForNaturalSearch
Trading API - ViewItemURLForNaturalSearch

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