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Published: February 21 2007, 1:23:00 PMUpdated: August 25 2022, 8:46:28 AM

How can I offer the PayPal Buyer Protection so that my listings show the following under the Buy Safely section of the ViewItem page?

Detailed Description
As a seller, you automatically qualify for PayPal Buyer Protection when you meet certain eligibility requirements. You must have:

  • A Verified PayPal Premier or Business account
  • At least a 98% positive feedback rating (this includes feedback from repeat buyers and sellers)
  • An eBay feedback score of 50 or more
  • PayPal as a payment method during the eBay listing process (PayPal Buyer Protection only covers items paid for with PayPal)
  • A PayPal account in good standing
  • Items listed on:

If you qualify, PayPal Buyer Protection is displayed along with your Seller Information on the eBay View Item page.

Please see the following section in the PayPal Help Center for up to date requirements.
How can I offer PayPal Buyer Protection to my buyers?

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