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Just getting started with the Feed API? See the following documents for details on using this API:

See the API Site Status for announcements regarding recently resolved or current system wide issues. Visit the Developer Support page for support options and information on filing bugs.

The API release history

The following table lists the Feed API releases. For older releases, see the Feed API Release Notes Archive.

Release Version Release Date Description of Release
v1_beta.35.3 2024-04-17 Added support for affiliate links for the Polish marketplace for the following methods: getItemFeed and getItemSnapshotFeed.
v1_beta.35.2 2024-01-23

Added support for the sellerUserId response field to the following methods: getItemFeed and getItemSnapshotFeed.

Added support for focus categories for the qualfiedPrograms field of the getItemFeed method.

v1_beta.35.1 2023-07-27 Removed support for a number of existing fields in the getItemFeed, getItemSnapshot, and getItemGroupFeed methods.
v1_beta.35.0 2023-07-11 Added support for condition grading for select trading card categories through the conditionDescriptors field.
v1_beta.34.1 2023-04-26 Removed support for the Switzerland (EBAY_CH) marketplace.
v1_beta.34.0 2023-02-07 Added support for the following new fields in the getItemFeed and getItemSnapshot methods: hazmatSignalWordId, hazmatSignalWord, hazmatStatementIds, hazmatStatementDescriptions, hazmatPictogramIds, hazmatPictogramDescriptions, hazmatPictogramImageUrls, hazmatAdditionalInformation, and repairScore.
v1_beta.33.0 2022-05-04 Added support for coupons in the getItemSnapshotFeed method
v1_beta.32.0 2022-03-14 Added support for the following new fields in the getItemFeed method: ecoParticipationFeeValue, ecoParticipationFeeCurrency, takeBackPolicyLabel, and takeBackPolicyDescription
v1_beta.31.0 2022-02-15 Added support for the following new fields in the getItemSnapshotFeed method: authenticityGuaranteeServiceId, authenticityGuaranteeSelection, authenticityGuaranteeFeeValue, and authenticityGuaranteeFeeCurrency
v1_beta.30.0 2021-12-15 Added the following new fields to the getItemSnapshotFeed method: ecoParticipationFeeCurrency, ecoParticipationFeeValue, takeBackPolicyDescription, takeBackPolicyLabel


Affiliate links are now supported for the Polish Marketplace (EBAY_PL) when using the getItemFeed and getItemSnapshotFeed methods.


The sellerUserId field can now be returned for the getItemFeed and getItemSnapshotFeed methods. This field provides the unique identifier of a seller across all eBay sites. This value does not change, even when a user changes their username.

The qualifiedPrograms response field of the getItemFeed method has been updated to include the FEATURED value. This value indicates that an item is eligible to be placed in a Focus Category.


The following fields of the getItemFeed method no longer return values: 

  • buyingOptions

  • primaryItemGroupType

  • refundMethod

  • returnMethod

  • acceptedPaymentMethods

  • lengthUnitOfMeasure

  • packageWidth

  • packageHeight

  • packageLength

  • weightUnitOfMeasure

  • packageWeight

  • shippingCarrierCode

  • shippingServiceCode

  • additionalShippingCostPerUnit

  • quantityUsedForEstimate

The following fields of the getItemSnapshotFeed method no longer return values: 

  • primaryItemGroupType

  • refundMethod

  • returnMethod

  • acceptedPaymentMethods

  • shippingCarrierCode

  • shippingServiceCode

  • buyingOptions

  • additionalShippingCostPerUnit

  • quantityUsedForEstimate

The following field of the getItemGroupFeed method no longer returns values: 

  • itemGroupType

Condition grading information

Condition descriptors are available on all marketplaces. See v1_beta.35.0 release for additional information.


Condition grading information is now returned through the conditionDescriptors field in the getItemFeed and getItemSnapshotFeed methods for the following trading card categories:

  • Non-Sport Trading Card Singles

  • CCG Individual Cards

  • Sports Trading Card Singles

Note: Condition descriptors are currently only available in the United Kingdom (GB) and will become available on all other marketplaces by late July.


EBAY_CH (Switzerland) is no longer supported by the Feed Beta API.


The getItemFeed and getItemSnapshot methods now return the following additional fields for items listed in the feed:

  • hazmatSignalWordId
  • hazmatSignalWord
  • hazmatStatementIds
  • hazmatStatementDescriptions
  • hazmatPictogramIds
  • hazmatPictogramDescriptions
  • hazmatPictogramImageUrls
  • hazmatAdditionalInformation
  • repairScore


The getItemSnapshotFeed method now returns the following additional fields for items listed in the feed:

  • couponDiscountType
  • couponRedemptionCode
  • couponMessage
  • couponTermsWebUrl
  • couponDiscountValue
  • couponDiscountCurrency
  • couponExpirationDate

These new fields are currently only supported for the following eBay marketplaces:



The getItemFeed method now returns the following additional fields for items listed in the feed:

  • ecoParticipationFeeValue
  • ecoParticipationFeeCurrency
  • takeBackPolicyLabel
  • takeBackPolicyDescription


The getItemSnapshotFeed method now returns the following additional fields for items listed in the feed:

  • authenticityGuaranteeFeeCurrency
  • authenticityGuaranteeFeeValue
  • authenticityGuaranteeSelection
  • authenticityGuaranteeServiceId

These fields provide information on Authenticity Guarantee services that may apply to certain items.


The getItemSnapshotFeed method now returns additional information on items listed in the feed: ecoParticipationFeeCurrency, ecoParticipationFeeValue, takeBackPolicyDescription, takeBackPolicyLabel.

These fields provide information on extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations that may apply to the item.