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Priority Feed Files 12/03 are delayedBuy.Feed APIProductionUnresolvedMon Dec 05 2022 13:53:34 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-eBay Trading API returning false call limits error from 2022-11-14T8:00 to 2022-11-14T13:00 GMTTrading APIProductionResolvedMon Nov 14 2022 15:16:39 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Priority Feed Files, Daily Feed Files and Bootstrap Feed Files 11/08 are delayedBuy.Feed APIProductionResolvedTue Nov 08 2022 13:48:04 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED - Priority Feed Files 08/27 are delayedBuy.Feed APIProductionResolvedSat Aug 27 2022 13:31:12 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Priority Feed Files 08/25 are delayedBuy.Feed APIProductionResolvedThu Aug 25 2022 12:15:26 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Priority Feed Files 08/19 are delayedBuy.Feed APIProductionResolvedFri Aug 19 2022 13:49:06 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED- Daily Item, Item Group and Item Priority Feed Files 07/12 are delayedBuy.Feed APIProductionResolvedThu Jul 14 2022 08:30:36 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Snapshot Feed Files are unavailable since 2022-07-04T20:00 GMTBuy.Feed APIProductionResolvedTue Jul 05 2022 15:26:23 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Sell Feed API might fail with internal server errorSell.Feed APIProductionResolvedTue Mar 01 2022 16:40:44 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Intermittent issues in Browse API (search only)Browse APIProductionResolvedTue Jan 18 2022 10:15:45 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Snapshot Hourly Feeds returned no or lower volume of data from 2021-05-21T18:00 GMTFeed APIProductionResolvedFri May 21 2021 16:40:02 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Feed getItemSnapshot API is returning low volume since 2021-05-12T07:00 GMTFeed APIProductionResolvedWed May 12 2021 09:05:22 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Snapshot hourly feeds returned no or low volume data from 2021-05-02T20:00 GMTFeed APIProductionResolvedSun May 02 2021 21:47:30 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Snapshot hourly feeds returned no or low volume data from 2021-04-28T17:00 to 2021-4-29T08:00 GMTFeed APIProductionResolvedThu Apr 29 2021 08:18:00 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Feed Item Snapshot is not available from 2021-03-24T21:00:000 to 2021-03-25T01:00:000Z, 2021-03-25T10-00-000Z and 2021-03-25T11-00-000Z GMTFeed APIProductionResolvedWed Mar 24 2021 20:36:58 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED- eBay APIs returning 404 error intermittentlyTrading, BrowseProductionResolvedThu Jan 14 2021 16:54:34 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-GetOrders API returning Error 10007 or Incomplete Orders xml responseTrading APIProductionResolvedThu Sep 03 2020 08:46:51 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED--Snapshot hourly feeds returned no or low volume dataFeed APIProductionResolvedTue Sep 01 2020 17:12:26 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED- GetOrders and GetSellerTransactions APIs are returning ShippingServiceSelected.ShippingService 'Not Selected' for some ordersTrading APIProductionResolvedThu Jul 02 2020 10:38:00 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Snapshot hourly feeds not returning data Feed APIProductionResolvedThu Jun 11 2020 14:42:32 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)