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Published: September 30 2004, 11:03:00 PMUpdated: July 19 2022, 8:01:22 AM

In the Schema Documentation, it states that SubTitle is "Not applicable to listings in US eBay Motors passenger vehicle, motorcycle, and "other vehicle" categories or to listings in CA eBay Motors passenger vehicle and motorcycle categories".
However, I am getting an error trying to list a Motors item indicating that the SubTitle attribute is required.
How do I specify a SubTitle attribute in my motors listing?


Specifying SubTitle, DepositAmount, and DepositType for Motors (not including Parts&Accessories) requires manually inserting the attributes into the request.

Detailed Description

The SubTitle, DepositAmount, and DepositType attributes for Motors are not completely implemented in the XSL solution for Item Specifics.
What this means is that there will be no input fields for these attributes in the Item Specifcs form that is created by using the XSL that is returned from the GetAttributesXSL call.

The SubTitle attribute is required on almost all Cars & Trucks, and Motorcycles categories.

The GetAttributesCS call does return the SubTitle attribute as part of the XML in the CharacteristicsList container for the Motorcycles CharacteristicsSet (1146) and the Cars & Trucks CharacteristicsSet (1137):

<Attribute labelVisible='true' id='10246' IsRequired='true'>
    <Label><![CDATA[Sub Title]]></Label>

The problem is that the XSL transformation will not render this attribute.
The same applies to the DepositAmount and DepositType attributes.
The solution is to "hard code" these attributes into your listing flow.

The attributeID for DepositAmount is 10733.
The attributeID for DepositType is 10734.  Use a ValueLiteral of 1 for this DepositType attribute to indicate that a deposit amount was specified.
Present input fields for these 3 attributes in your Motors listing flow, and then manually put these attributes into the AttributeSet container.
For example, here we have the attributes for SubTitle, DepositAmount, and DepositType in our request:

    <AttributeSet attributeSetID="1137">
         <Attribute attributeID="10246">
                   <ValueLiteral><![CDATA[2007 Wrangler 4 FOUR DOOR 4x4 Dual Top HARDTOP]]></ValueLiteral>
         <Attribute attributeID="10733">
         <Attribute attributeID="10734">

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