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Published: April 27 2006, 12:08:00 PMUpdated: October 04 2022, 10:58:03 AM


I am trying to use the following Attributes Node to list my item with the Used   The AddItem call is rejecting the 'Used' Condition value. Why?

<AttributeSet attributeSetID="2928">
<Attribute attributeID="10244">
<ApplicationData>1-0 -583</ApplicationData>

This specific category 43065 uses the Condition VCS 2928 which only contains an option for New, not Used. When comparing the behavior of this category on the eBay site, there is a 'checkbox' for New - and no Used option. Therefore it can be concluded that this behavior is correct.

The correct way to determine valid values for the attribute valueids is to call GetAttributesCS with your CS id of 2928. You will see that only the New valueid is specified. The Attributes CS data is shown below.

- <Attribute labelVisible="true" id="10244">
- <Label>
- <![CDATA[ Condition
- <Type>
- <![CDATA[ 2
- <ValueList count="1">
- <Value id="10425">
- <Name>
- <![CDATA[ New
<ValidationRules />



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