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Published: November 18 2010, 9:05:00 PMUpdated: August 17 2022, 10:16:08 PM

I am trying to get a user token using the Auth and Auth process via PHP.


Most Applications

Most applications only need one token or a token for each user in a small static list of users. For these applications please use the Token Generator Tool to create all your tokens. You do not need to use the AuthNAuth process.

Advanced Applications

A few applications have either a large list of users or a dynamic list of users. These applications will need to get a token frequently. Attached is a small sample PHP file that shows how to get a user token programmatically. If you need a user identifier for your database, please use the EIASToken.

Additional Information

· Token Generator Tool

· Configuring the RuName value

· GetSessionID

· Create a Sandbox testuser_ account

· FetchToken

· GetUser

· EIASToken


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