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Published: May 05 2011, 4:07:00 PMUpdated: May 06 2024, 1:04:48 PM

How are different eBayIDs related from a listing and order management perspective ?


Detailed Description

In the life cycle of an item, from listing to order fulfillment, there are four IDs that come into play:

  • ItemID
  • OrderID
  • OrderLineItemID
  • TransactionID

When a seller lists an item on eBay, eBay assigns the listing a unique ItemID.

When a buyer commits to purchase an item on eBay, eBay creates a TransactionID (always “0” for an auction listing).  A TransactionID is unique for an Item, but may not be unique across items.  Hence you always need to use the combination of ItemID and TransactionID to locate a transaction. 

The OrderLineItemID is a concatenation of the ItemID and the TransactionID. This is unique within the system and can be used as input filter.
Note: OrderLineItemID went LTS in 705. It is very useful as an input filter as it allows callers to identify a specific order line item (transaction) with one field instead of two fields (ItemID and TransactionID).

When the buyer completes the checkout, eBay creates an OrderID that contains one or more OrderLineItemIDs.  If there is only one OrderLineItemID in an order, then the OrderID is the same as OrderLineItemID.

Here is a picture that represents the relationship:



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