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Published: November 15 2011, 11:12:00 AMUpdated: August 22 2022, 3:21:34 PM

How do I Connect to MIP Sandbox storage by SFTP using Windows?

When you have the WinSCP client installed from the site:  ,

We use WinSCP in this KB, follow the steps below to connect to MIP storage.

To connect to MIP storage:

  1. Open SFTP client software.
  2. Use these parameters to establish a connection:

o Host name:
Later, when you move to the Production environment, use


Note to users migrated from WebDAV client:
The Sandbox Server address of SFTP client is, instead of
The Production Server address of SFTP client is, instead of

o User name: Use your sandbox testuser_~ user name.


o Password: Use your MIP credential(available in the Admin App).


  1. 3. Proceed to connect to the MIP storage.
  2. Image

When connected, you will see a store sub-directory under root directory, which expands to show
other sub-directories.




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