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Published: June 17 2015, 1:06:00 PMUpdated: September 08 2022, 5:20:48 AM

How to create multi-line orders in sandbox ?

In order to test the multi-line order functionality in sandbox, please follow these steps :

1. As a seller, list a few non-immediate payment items i.e. list item with AutoPay set as false.

2. As a buyer, click on Buy It Now and then Commit to Buy. Do not complete the checkout.

3. Now again buy the other item by clicking Buy It Now->Commit to Buy and proceed to checkout

4. At this point, all the above items will be shown in the payment page and you can make a combined payment for the items, creating a combined order.

Note : Please note that this can only be implemented for non-immediate payment(AutoPay=false).


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