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Published: October 29 2018, 9:15:00 AMUpdated: January 11 2023, 4:50:58 PM

When listing a product via Trading API or Inventory API with an ePID obtained from eBay site or Trading API’s GetItem, you may get a warning message in the API response:


21920205 – The product with ePID value <xxxxxxxxxx> is not currently listable.  It has been dropped from the listing.


eBay database contains a large catalog.  Not all catalog products can be used for listing.  You may run into the above warning message even if the product is viewable on the site via, or returned via getProduct API call.


To find an ePID that is adoptable via the selling flow, please use Catalog API’s search or Shopping API’s FindProducts* call using keyword, GTIN, category.  All ePID recommendations returned from these calls are adoptable via Trading / Inventory API selling flow.


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