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The API release history

The following table lists the Marketing API releases:

Release Version

Release Date

Description of Release



Removed the methods getAlsoBoughtProducts and getAlsoViewedProducts


2017-09-26 Added the getAlsoBoughtProducts and getAlsoViewedProducts calls


2017-06-07 Initial Beta Marketing API release


The methods getAlsoBoughtByProduct and getAlsoViewedByProduct were removed from the Marketing API.


The following calls were added to the Marketing API. These call let you show products that were 'also viewed' or 'also bought', which encourages up-selling and cross-selling.

  • getAlsoBoughtProducts - This method returns products that were also purchased when people purchased the product specified in the request. For details, see the getAlsoBoughtProducts reference page.
  • getAlsoViewedProducts - This method returns products that were also viewed when people viewed the product specified in the request. For details, see the getAlsoViewedProducts reference page.


This is the initial BETA release of this API.


The following is the only method in the initial release:

getMerchandisedProduct - This method returns products based on the category and metric specified. For details, see the getMerchandisedProductss reference page.