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The API release history

The following table lists recent Offer API releases.

Release Version

Release Date

Description of Release

v1_beta.0.1 2020-01-09 The highBidder value is now always returned.
v1_beta.0.0 2018-10-11 Initial release of the Offer API.


In the response of the getBidding method, the value for highBidder is now always returned.

  • If the value is false, this indicates that either the buyer has not bid on this item or has been out-bid.
  • If this value is true, this indicates the buyer is winning the auction and if the value of auctionStatus is ENDED, this indicates the buyer has won the auction.


This is the initial release of this API.

New methods

  • getAuction - Retrieves the buyer's bidding details of a specific action where the buyer has placed a bid.
  • placeProxyBid - Places a proxy bid for the buyer on a specific auction item.