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Published: June 13 2012, 3:53:00 PMUpdated: August 25 2022, 10:20:05 AM


Using getProductDetails, I was able to get the "thumbnail" and "standard" versions of the "stockPhotoUrl".  However, both the images are limited to 70 pixels at the maximum. How can I get a high resolution image?


In getProductDetails respone, due to code dependencies of Internal eBay applications, both the Standard version and the thumbnail version of the stock Photo url return the 70 pixel images. However you can retreive a high resolution image by foloowing a simple workaround.

Afetr you retreive the below response :

[stockPhotoURL] =>
                    [thumbnail] => 
                            [value] =>$(KGrHqNHJ!sE7yCShryfBPGQY,brQg~~_0.JPG?set_id=89040003C1

                    [standard] => 
                            [value] =>$(KGrHqNHJ!sE7yCShryfBPGQY,brQg~~_7.JPG?set_id=89040003C1


If you change the 7 to 32 you get a larger resolution image


Please implement this workaround programatically after you retrieve the Stock photo Urls.

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